Do you still have your Christmas Tree up?

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Did Christmas end today at your house?

when do you take down your Xmas treeToday Jan 6 officially marks that the holiday season has come and gone for 2013. Today for most people we all got up and returned to work and kids returned to school so its time to start planning for the next big holiday. However, if you have your tree still standing tall in the living room are you really moving into the New Year fresh and new?

I wanted to make sure to write this post today because I know there is someone out there that still has a Christmas tree sitting in their living room. I know there is someone because if I had put mine up last year I would be writing this post to myself. I often have my tree up well into the new year because I am quite lazy and since its fake I never have to worry about it dying so I forget about it until my husband comes home yelling about it.

After researching I found that there are three main dates that people take down their trees.

1. December 26The Day after Xmas

2. The weekend following New Years

3. January 6The last day of Xmas

These dates represent the person the has to get the tree out the house immediately! The person that just wants to see it thru the new year and the person who celebrates Advent and is waiting until Epiphany Sunday.

If you still have your tree up please take into consideration to recycle your tree so it wont be just lying on the side of the road somewhere. Check out the National Christmas Tree Association for tips and locations for getting rid of your tree.

 When do you take your Christmas stuff down?


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