Cooper Aerobics and WFAA Fitness Challenge | October 2013 #cooperchallenge

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My Cooper Aerobics Fitness Challenge

Wednesday officially started my Fitness Challenge sponsored by Cooper Aerobics and Good Morning Texas WFAA- TV Dallas.

Cooper Aerobics and WFAA  Fitness Challenge

Photo Courtesy of The Nerds Wife

Most of you probably already know that I have been trying my best to slim back down to where I was about two years ago and despite all I have done I have only seen the scale go up and up. If your someone reading this and have a weight problem you probably know also that its a disappointment to see your hard work turn only into more pounds.

About ME !

Just to tell you a little about me and and my journey to where I am now…… I am a mother of two children who I would love to blame for my weight gain but sadly they are nine and eleven and I was bone thin after having them so I pretty much have to blame my self. I serve our country… I have been in the military for 12 years and the last 6 have been in the reserves. Yes not all military people are fit people, now mentally we are but physically???? Not so much when your a reservist.

When I was 9 month prego with my son I got preeclampsia that gave me high blood pressure and eleven years later I still have it… *Thanks Son!*  Im addicted to McDonald’s French Fries and Mango Smoothies!!! I am very athletic, I love to hike, jog, walk, dance, zumba, and Salsa!!!

My Challenges!

  1. I love Food!
  2. I have a busy schedule that limits my work out times. I  NEED MORE TIME!!!!
  3. I often Skip meals.
  4. Achilles Tendonitis.

The Challenge!!!!!

Da-da-da-dummmm…… I know the challenge! So mysterious what is it? Cooper Aerobics  has reached out and decided to help me and four others reach our goals the healthy way. No Starving! No weight loss pills!  Just natural hard work and healthy eating. This is one of the things Cooper Aerobics prides itself on, being able to help people achieve optimum health and fitness at every stage of life.

Along for the ride is also Good Morning Texas WFAA- TV Dallas. For the next four months we will be followed thru our journey. Our first taping was October 2 and it was pretty great. I will be making a post focused on my 60 minutes of fame.

I hope you join in and follow my journey over the next four month as I make my transformation. I would love the motivation and support from all of you on my journey so I can insure I can make it.

My Goals!

  1. Run the National Veterans Day Run in Dallas on November 11.
  2. Loose inches off my waist… have not set a number yet.
  3. Loose 15-20 lbs!!!

 What you can do!

  • Motivate me, Support me and follow my journey.
  • There is a nice little box to your right where you can subscribe to my post. DO IT!!!!
  • Share you favorite exercises, workout plans and recipes.

Till next time,


Nicole (137 Posts)

Hi my name is Nicole and I am the owner of I hope to make this blog a fun place that people would want to check out from time to time to see what’s new. I love creating new, fresh dishes in the kitchen, doing DIY projects, working out, and more. I also love to review new, fun exciting products.

46 thoughts on “Cooper Aerobics and WFAA Fitness Challenge | October 2013 #cooperchallenge

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  2. What a great opportunity and a great cause! I’m all for healthy living and this challenge will be a great and positive journey for you, I know it.

    • Thanks…yes it a true fight to miss out on fries but I try to focus on the outcome that I want. Plus I would hate to show back up bigger than I started.

  3. This is wonderful for you, I can’t think of a bigger motivator than to have a group of friends to join you! I know you can do it! Go girl! Can’t wait to hear about your progress!

  4. Good Luck on this journey! You can do it :-) I too, LOVE food. I think that has got to be my greatest challenge! That and the fact that I don’t really like to exercise. I need to lose a few pounds, but can’t seem to get motivated to exercise and eat right. I try, but never end up sticking with it.

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